Patrick Windley: Digital Startup Management Tips

Patrick Windley

January 4, 2021

Digital startups have become a critical part of the economy, but many of these companies struggle to succeed. As a result, expert Patrick Windley recently gave a discussion on several management tips that he has suggested for people in this position.

Why Patrick Windley Matters

Patrick Windley is a high-quality management professional who understands the importance of proper leadership in a digital economy. He was one of the first to know how management styles would differ in such a platform and was critical for helping many companies transition to this change. As a result, Patrick Windley is somebody who understands the crucial importance of upgrading.

First of all, Patrick Windley suggests people learn that micro-management is not the right approach for digital startups. While digital management makes it easy to implement hyper-control over their employees, Patrick Windley states that many in this economy balk against it. People tend to prefer a more free-flowing environment in the digital economy, he states, and companies must learn to adapt to that.

For example, it is a good idea to train employees to perform more than one duty on their digital platform. This step, he states, helps to make it easier for people to take on different tasks that keep them excited. The constant changes of the digital economy, he argues, makes it critical for startups to tap into that kind of emotional energy to keep their employees thrilled.

However, Patrick Windley also argues against giving employees too much freedom to decide what they want to do. Digital management – particularly over a long-distance – requires a careful balance between giving out duties in a way that makes sense and creating a little freedom for employees. The balance here is a tough one to achieve but is possible.

The Cloud is Your Best Friend

In the digital startup marketplace, Patrick Windley states that the cloud is critical. Many companies are already learning this fact, but some are struggling to accept it. Migrating software and management to the cloud, he argues, protects it from hacking, and avoids system failure. Even better, this step helps to make time management easier for companies to handle.

For example, many programs exist in the cloud and allow employees the chance to check-in, track their work, report on what they have done, and checkout for the day. These apps provide digital startup companies with the opportunity to grow naturally, Patrick Windley argues and minimizes turnover by giving employees more control and a more natural understanding of their duties.

Enhance Communication

Lastly, Patrick Windley emphasizes the critical importance of using digital platforms to enhance communication. Companies should integrate chat systems that allow real-time tracking of their progress on various duties. These programs, he argues, provide the kind of high-quality monitoring that makes digital startups such an excellent choice for many business models.