About Me

Patrick Windley has over a decade of digital product management experience in a start-up setting. Patrick Windley has pioneered product strategy and execution to take a new offering to the market and ensure product deliveries achieve success by meeting the company’s goals and the needs of the market. Patrick Windley is a strong proponent for analyzing data to inspire product decisions and execute them in a flexible environment. Patrick Windley stresses that true success as a product manager comes from creating opportunities for your team to thrive and solve real-world business problems through technological advances.

Up until the present day in Patrick Windley's career, he has cultivated relationships with Fortune 500 companies and assisted in rolling out a new tech product to market. Patrick has presented at conferences and events speaking on where the industry is heading and how to use technology to improve communities as a whole. In his free time, Patrick enjoys playing tennis, traveling to exciting places, and cultivating new relationships. Patrick loves his career and looks forward to every opportunity to connect with other individuals from all walks of life.


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